Earlier this month some concerns were expressed in a Community Council meeting about some aspects of the Ubuntu community experience. Based on this feedback I released a survey that went out to all Ubuntu Members to gather some data about views on motivation, pride, leadership, and more. I also invited feedback via other means such as email and I was keen to reach out to many community members on the phone to continue to explore these concerns further.

This weekend I closed the survey off and started collating the results into a report I could share with our wider community. I deliberately made a lot of the questions in the survey open ended to provide as much feedback to the respondents as possible. As such, when collating this data over the last few days I wanted to go through and identify the patterns and themes in the feedback so you folks don’t have to read all the individual responses. This took a little longer to prepare than I expected, but it provides a useful overview of the common themes expressed in the data. For the curious, I have also included the full list of open ended responses in the appendix in the survey.

You can download the survey here and you only really need to read the first 28 pages; the rest of the document is the full collection of open ended responses included for completeness.

I will be blogging throughout the next week to discuss many of the core themes highlighted in the report and I am keen to hear your thoughts and views on how we can make improvements. I am also going to be registering a series of Ubuntu Developer Summit sessions to cover these themes in more detail when many of us are together in Orlando in a week. If you can’t attend UDS in person, remember you can remotely participate.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the survey and now we together have a firmer idea of some of the core themes, we can start driving some improvements forward. I am looking forward to working with you folks in doing this. 🙂

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