Here we are in Orlando at a hectic but productive and fun UDS. The atmosphere here is great; in our track (the Community track) I am noticing a sense of shared spirit and focus on improving how our community operates, and how diverse and productive it is.

We have touched on many topics, including:

  • Reviewing the survey results and evaluating different solutions.
  • How we can help Ubuntu to be an appreciative community and grow a culture where we thanking each other and our teams for their contributions and how those contributions help each other.
  • Discussion around ideas and opportunities for Ubuntu on Televisions, Tablets, and Phones.
  • How we can empower our community to build Ubuntu experiences; that is, building small teams to build experiences such as “streaming music from your computer to your television” or “streaming music to remote speakers”.
  • How we can deal with anti-social conduct and unconstructive bickering and make a more pleasant and fun community while still welcoming and encouraging constructive criticism.
  • Reviewing the Application Review Board and identifying how we can refine how the board can help app devs get their apps in Ubuntu.

We also had a great leadership summit session yesterday, and tomorrow we are going to have the second session. Based on feedback of the first session, we are going to tighten up and better focus the topics so we can get through more content, and encourage wider participation. I would love to see this leadership focus be a common theme at UDS.

When I get back home next week I plan on blogging about each of these different topics at UDS to share what was discussed, what conclusions we came to, and what the next steps are.

Thanks to everyone who has joined us here in Orlando, and thanks to everyone who has been remotely participating.

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