Today part two of the leadership summit will be happening at UDS. This morning we fleshed out the topics we are going to discuss (each broken into 20 minute lightning discussions) and they include:

  • Growing Motivation
  • Leadership Futures
  • Leadership Self Assessments
  • The Role of the Community Council
  • How do we Grow Leaders
  • The Canonical <-> Community Leadership Connection
  • Expectations of the Canonical Community Team

The session will be today and Thursday in Bonaire 2 at 3pm Eastern Time.

If you are not here in Orlando, you can remotely participate (find out more by clicking here). The remote participation has been great; thanks to everyone who has joined us.

Thanks also to the Community Council, LoCo Council, the Membership Boards, and many other leaders for joining these sessions; we are coming up with some great next steps and key themes.

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