Today is Ubuntu Appreciation Day in which we share our thanks to people in our community for making Ubuntu great. At UDS we talked a lot about growing more of an appreciation culture in Ubuntu, and I love how today contributes to that goal. Unfortunately, picking people to thank from such a wealth of incredible contributors is a tough job.

Before I get started, I want to offer some special thanks to my incredible team at Canonical. David Planella, Daniel Holbach, Jorge Castro (and soon to join Michael Hall) are all a pleasure to work with and bring so much to Ubuntu. I always dreamed of building a team that accomplishes great things with a strong sense of kinship and friendship. I can’t think of a better group of people to have taken this journey with.

Today though I want to thank some of the teams and people that make Ubuntu what it is but who are often behind the scenes turning the crank each day with little fanfare and ceremony. This includes the IS, Launchpad, and Bazaar teams and our community web developers who keep our websites current and our infrastructure up and running, our IRC governance and operator community who keep our channels safe and effective places to be, our global community of LoCo Teams who help get people excited about Ubuntu and our ethos, the Canonical admin team (Marianna, Cezzaine, Michelle and co) for helping to coordinate UDS and events, our many, many translators who make Ubuntu available in your language, and the thousands of people who support our community and answer questions across the Ubuntu Forums, on IRC, in Ask Ubuntu, and elsewhere.

Ubuntu is a wonderful thing, and I feel honoured to work with such wonderful people. Here’s to 200 million users!

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