After another furious week of hacking on my little project I have added a number of new features:

  • Trophies that are verified by the verification server are now GPG signed so they can’t be faked on the client.
  • We now support custom trophy icons; this way Ubuntu can have it’s own themed icons and upstreams could have their own themed icons too. As an example, the Juju accomplishments have different icons to some of the other Ubuntu accomplishments; it just makes each of the accomplishments feel a little more unique and desirable. As an example:

  • I have improved some of the trophy information page layout.
  • The app now dynamically updates to show when a trophy has been verified for you. This is in the form of a dbus signal which other clients can use too (such as the Trophies Lens that David has been working on).
  • I also added a bunch of additional trophies.

To give you a feel for how it runs now, check out this short demo video:

Can’t see the video? See it here!

I am now going to start building up to get some wider eyes and testing on this. If you are running Precise and interested in testing, drop me an email to jono AT ubuntu DOT com and I will be in touch soon.

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