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2nd Oct 2020

Nick has a call open for manual tests that we can include with the Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 1 testing that will kick off on Thursday. We really want to throw open the doors to a wide testing campaign to ensure quality for 12.04 but we need your help writing manual tests for:

  • firefox
  • rythmnbox
  • empathy
  • thunderbird
  • nautilus
  • libreoffice
  • software-center
  • system-settings
  • deja-dup
  • totem
  • evince
  • file-roller
  • gedit
  • eog
  • gwibber
  • seahorse
  • ubuntuone
  • update-manager
  • shotwell

If you have never written a manual test for Checkbox before, fortunately it is simple and Nick has all the guidance you need.

See his blog post here for how to get started and please get involved ASAP; Beta 1 is this Thursday so we want to get a good set of tests created ASAP. Thanks, everyone!

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