I have a question for you GTK and/or WebKit folks.

For Ubuntu Accomplishments we would like to take this:

…and make it look more like a wooden trophy cabinet, like this:

Currently the icons in the client are displayed using a gtk.IconView, but I am not sure how we could accomplish the wooden cabinet look.

Some questions:

  • Can we draw images behind the gtk.IconView? This would be the preferred approach as we then get all the resizing, sorting, and other benefits of the gtk.IconView.
  • Would WebKit be a better option? If so, we would need to be able to click on icons in the view, fill the window when the window resizes etc. Is there an easy way to do this in WebKit (I would prefer if we didn’t need to reimplement an Icon View in WebKit if possible).
  • Any other ideas? (switching to another widget toolkit is not an option).

Any input would be greatly appreciated. 🙂


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