Another quick update of Ubuntu Accomplishments.

Recently I split out the two different pieces of the project (the back-end daemon and the GUI client) into two different branches. With the two branches this then put us in a position to use quickly package to generate packages for the applications (I had problems with quickly package when the daemon and GUI shared the same branch as the daemon uses Twisted (glib) and the GUI uses GTK3 (GObject Introspection)).

I originally had a few issues with some path-related problems, but I now have working packages for the daemon, the GUI, and the Ubuntu Community accomplishments set that you can use the system with. Thanks to Daniel Holbach for helping with some of these path-issues in the code.

This means we are now in a position to start generating packages in a PPA. This puts us in a strong position to deliver the 0.1 release as planned near the 12.04 release date. Before we do this though, the next step is working through the 0.1 bugs list to get everything rock solid. 🙂

In other news, recently I had a call for localized documentation of the Ubuntu Community accomplishments. The Germans had the first fully translated set of documentation, and this has been closely followed by localized documention in Romanian, Italian, and Spanish, with Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, Albanian, and Polish not far behind!

I also had a call for translations for the daemon and viewer. We now have full translations for the daemon in Swedish, Spanish, Slovenian, Portuguese, Polish, Marathi, French, Danish, Portuguese and Arabic with Albanian not far behind, and translations for the viewer in Japanese and Simplfied Chinese with Spanish, Swedish, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, French, Danish, Arabic, and Slovenian not far behind.

If you can help with translations, head over to these links to translate the system into your language:

You can also create localized documentation for the different accomplishments by following these guidelines.

Thanks for everyone for helping!

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