I just released a new update for the Ubuntu Community Accomplishments collection. This new release (0.1.1) includes the following new community accomplishments:

  • Accomplishments Contributor
  • Attend LoCo Team Event
  • Bug Squad Member
  • Ubuntu Forums Council Member
  • Ubuntu Forums Staff Member
  • Imported an SSH Key
  • Ubuntu Beginners Team Council Member
  • Ubuntu Beginners Team Member
  • Bug Control Member
  • Ubuntu Forums Ubuntu Member
  • Launchpad Profile Mugshot is now fixed too.

Thanks to Silver Fox, Michael Hall, Matt Fischer, Rafal Cieslek, Angelo Compagnucci for contributing these additions! It is wonderful to see our community growing!

If you want to contribute accomplishments, be sure to see our guidelines, some suggestions, and how to get started!

If you are already running Ubuntu Accomplishments 0.1, you just need to do the following to get the new set:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

If you are running the daemon, kill it first with killall -9 twistd and then load Accomplishments Information from the dash.

If you are new to Ubuntu Accomplishments, be sure you have your Ubuntu One set up and running on your computer, and then follow these installation instructions.

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