I have something rather cool to show you:

This is a screenshot of Ubuntu Accomplishments with support for Ask Ubuntu badges. This means that when you get an Ask Ubuntu badge, you will see a notification bubble appear on your desktop, and you can see all of your Ask Ubuntu badges with the rest of your trophies.

Currently all the Ask Ubuntu badges are working with Ubuntu Accomplishments, and all have working integration tests.

One of the nice features of Ubuntu Accomplishments is that you can browse documentation for the different Opportunities that you have not yet accomplished. This provides a neat way of learning how to accomplish new things.

As an example, I don’t have the Strunk and White Ask Ubuntu trophy yet. When I click on it I see:

While we have all the Ask Ubuntu accomplishments working and all the tests written, we still need help to get the documentation written for all the badges. This is where we need your help.

How To Help

Helping is simple!

Head over to this page for instructions of how to get started. You will basically grab the accomplishments, pick one from the list that has not had documentation written yet, submit the docs, and then tick it off the list.

We really want to get the Ask Ubuntu accomplishments into the 0.2 Ubuntu Accomplishments release next week, so if you folks can help, that would be awesome!

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