Mark just presented some interesting new technology at OSCON, both using Juju to redeploy between different clouds with just a few commands, and integration of Web Apps into the Ubuntu desktop.

I wanted to follow up with some details of the latter. Firstly, you can see this in action in the following video:

Can’t see it? See it here.

A few notes:

  • This technology will be available for 12.10 soon as well as available for our 12.04 LTS users in a PPA. Naturally this will all be Open Source.
  • The team working on the Web Apps code have already built support for a range of the most common apps (e.g. GMail, Last.fm, Google Docs).
  • This is a technology that our community can contribute to to add further support for different types of web apps. As an example, there are many more localized social networks in different parts of the world, and our LoCo teams can contribute support for those apps. More details of how to participate will be coming soon.
  • Integration of web apps can utilize pretty much any part of the Unity desktop (e.g. HUD, Indicators, Menus, Quicklists, Launcher, Alt-Tab) to feel truly integrated.
  • Adding support doesn’t require convincing the web app provider to support Ubuntu, we can build support without modifying the core web service at all (although a web service provider can add support for Ubuntu if they like). More details of this will be coming soon.

I have been using this technology recently and if you use web apps, it is awesome. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

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