I meant post about this previously, but have been catching up with email post-CLS/OSCON.

I was delighted to read the news of Unity entering Fedora. Although many associate Unity with Ubuntu, we would like to encourage the wider adoption of Unity in other Linux distributions and projects. Unity is a desktop that is designed to provide a unified experience not only on your desktop for GNOME, KDE and other apps, but also across different devices and screens.

With Unity getting more eyeballs from Fedora and other distributions, we would like to welcome you folks into the upstream community. If you would like to participate in programming, design, testing, support or other ways of contributing, you are more than welcome! You can find out more here and feel free to post questions of how to participate to the Unity development mailing list or the Unity design mailing list. You can also join our IRC channel at #ubuntu-unity on freenode.

If you are an application author and would like to have your app hook into the rich user interface components in Unity such as indicators, quicklists, notification bubbles, global menu integration, messaging and sound indicators, and more, you can find out how to do this easily by reading here or using the awesome Hello Unity.

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