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Tues 16th Feb 2021

Just a quick reminder to you lovely people that we will be having some live video tutorial sessions over the next few days that explain how Ubuntu Accomplishments works and how to get involved in the project.

You can join all of these sessions at http://ubuntuonair.com/. The schedule is below:

Also, next week we are doing some live video sessions designed for new contributors. The schedule is below:


Time (UTC)



Session Leader

Tues 7th Aug 2012


Introduction For Contributors

In this introductory session, Jono will provide a short history of the project, discuss how the system works, the different components, how accomplishments work, and other content that helps give you a grounding in how to contribute.

Jono Bacon

Tues 7th Aug 2012


How The Daemon Works

In this session, Rafal and Matt will explain how the daemon works, how the code is structured, how the client talks to the daemon, how Twisted is integrated, and how you can contribute and help to fix bugs and add features.

Rafal Cieslak / Matt Fischer

Tues 7th Aug 2012


How the Viewer Works

In this session, Rafal and Jono will explain how the GTK viewer works, how it talks to the daemon, the different views, how preferences are handled, how translations are supported, and how to contribute and fix bugs and add features to the viewer.

Rafal Cieslak / Jono Bacon

Wed 8th Aug 2012


Writing Your First Accomplishment

In this session Jono shows you how to create your first accomplishment that can be used as part of the Ubuntu Accomplishments system. The session will cover how to write the documentation, how to create the script, adding a test, ensuring everything works, and then how to contribute it back to the project.

Jono Bacon

Wed 8th Aug 2012


Contributing Accomplishment Documentation and Translations

In this session Jono will show how you can improve the documentation for the accomplishments that are part of the system, and how you can also translate the application and documentation into your own language. This is a fantastic opportunity for Ubuntu fans to contribute fantastic content!

Jono Bacon

We would love to welcome you to come and join! You can find out how to help with the project by clicking here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in our IRC channel on #ubuntu-accomplishments on freenode and on our mailing list.

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