I just wanted to let you folks know that unfortunately I won’t be joining you in person at the next Ubuntu Developer Summit in Copenhagen in October. The timing of the event is too close for comfort to the due date for our first baby and the timing unfortunately means I can’t attend UDS without risking missing the birth.

Much as I am hugely excited about being a father, I am also really disappointed I won’t be there at UDS in person. UDS is one of my favorite places to be in the world, and although I won’t be there in person, if the baby is not born yet, I will be there remotely and working European hours from California. Sleep is for the weak.

In terms of logistics, I have asked Daniel Holbach to run the community track in my absence as well as Nicholas Skaggs running the QA track and David Planella running a new App Developers track. We recently finalized the sponsorship list for the event and it is going to be a fantastic UDS – I look forward to seeing you there remotely!

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