The other day I announced our 24-hour horsemen marathon. In a nutshell, we in the Canonical Community Team are going to work for a continuous 24-hour session on Thursday next week. Each of us has picked a charity that we are going to support and I wanted to share some words on why I picked mine…Homeless International.

A few years ago Erica and I were driving through a city and we saw an old guy, bleeding, with no coat, walking along the street in the rain, clearly exhibiting schizophrenia. We both immediately stopped the car and I got out to go and help the guy. I got chatting to him. He was a veteran, he had a son that he had lost touch with, and that day he had given his coat to a lady so she wouldn’t get wet in the rain.

Shortly after I got chatting to a family friend who works with the homeless and he started telling me the true extent of the problems with homelessness and poverty all over the world (he organizes charity events to help the homeless here in the Bay Area). I started looking online more and more into the issue and became more and more passionate about the issue.

Most importantly, homelessness and poverty doesn’t just affect other people. Mental illness, health problems, disability, family issues, escalating drug/alcohol problems and other issues are often the causes of why someone ends up on the streets. It could affect you, your family, or your friends.

Homeless International work to provide support and help to the homeless and poverty stricken all over the world. They do wonderful work in many countries, and they work to provide housing, resources, aid, and other support. They are a truly valuable cause and I am proud to be supporting them.

For more information on the marathon and why you should donate your money to my charity, see the video:

Can’t see the video? Watch it here!


If you donate you will have love, success, and and unlimited supply of bacon (despite the global shortage) in your life. Who could argue with that?

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