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Gangnam Style.

At 10am UTC / 11am UK / 12pm Europe / 3am Pacific / 6am Eastern on Thurs 4th Oct 2012 the Canonical Community Team will be working for a solid uninterrupted 24-hour session. The marathon will involve Daniel Holbach, Jorge Castro, David Planella, Nicholas Skaggs, Michael Hall and myself; six horsemen spread across three different countries hitting the Ubuntu pump hard for 24-hours…all in the interests of raising money for charity while improving and growing Ubuntu and Free Software.

The entire session will be streamed live on marathon.ubuntuonair.com where you can watch the action and chat to the team as we work and do the marathon.

Importantly, we want to use this as an opportunity for the community to get involved in the marathon too! Let’s use this 24-hour period as a great opportunity to add the finishing touches to Ubuntu 12.10, work on different projects, improve our documentation and translations, and help share knowledge and experience.

Of course, at the core of why we are doing this work is to raise money for charity…let’s see how much money we can generate for the six good causes that we have picked! Please go and DONATE!

So…at 10am UTC / 11am UK / 12pm Europe / 3am Pacific / 6am Eastern on Thurs 4th Oct 2012 be sure to head to marathon.ubuntuonair.com and join the fun – also please tweet about the marathon with the #ubuntumarathon hashtag. Thanks!

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