As part of the 24-hour marathon we are doing lots of interviews, as well as some fun sessions, Q+A sessions on more. Here is the first part of the schedule:

  • 2.00pm UTCGema Gomez – Assuring Quality in Ubuntu – we interview Gema Gomez who is part of the Ubuntu QA Team about how we are growing quality in Ubuntu.
  • 3.00pm UTCDaviey Walker – Ubuntu Cloud in 12.10 and Beyond!
  • 4.00pm UTC – App Developer Showdown – we will explain the plans set in store to provide the best App Developer experience to submit your apps to Ubuntu
  • 5.00pm UTCCarlos – community council and bugsquad
  • 6.00pm UTC – [tentative] Chris Johnston – Getting involved with Summit development, learn how to get the code running locally, how to make contributions, and what the future plans are for the project.
  • 7.00pm UTCChuck Short – Ubuntu and OpenStack – Chuck will be talking about some of the awesome work the Server team is doing to bring the latest from OpenStack into Ubuntu.
  • 8.00pm UTCTeam Q+A – Ask us about Ubuntu! Bring your questions and ask anything you like to any of the horsemen!
  • 9.00pm UTCThe Bacon BBQ Extravaganza – as part of some sessions about what the horsemen do for fun, join Jono Bacon as he starts his six hour smoking session of three racks of Baby Back Ribs. Come and find out how smoking works, check out the pit and the gadgets, and have a little fun!

We will have the schedule for the next part of the 24-hour marathon soon!

Come and join the fun at marathon.ubuntuonair.com/ – thanks!

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