Today is Thanksgiving in America; a day we spend with our families giving thanks for the people and lives we have. Although an English ex-pat, I absolutely love thanksgiving and always get into the spirit of the day.

This year is a very special thanksgiving. Just over a week ago on the 14th November at 5.26am my wife Erica gave birth to our first baby, Jack Taylor Bacon:

Kermit The Frog photo-bomb.

Both Baby Jack and Erica are doing great after a smooth delivery. Thank-you to the wonderful staff at John Muir hospital. The delivery and post-partum staff were absolutely stunning in helping us get our parenthood off on the right foot.

Erica and I, and our families, are tremendously thankful to be blessed with such a happy, healthy, bouncing boy. I have always been a pretty happy kinda guy, but I never knew just how much happier I could be.

I feel so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family across England, America, and Italy, fantastic friends and colleagues at Canonical, and many wonderful friends across the world. Thank-you all so much for everything you do. You are all good people.

I am excited about the future. A beautiful family and taking Ubuntu and Free Software to new levels, devices, and people provides a lot to be motivated about. Let’s roll. 🙂

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