Some ago I used to host weekly public IRC meetings for my team at Canonical. Back then we used to primarily use it as an opportunity to provide a status update of what we had been working on. The meetings then tapered off a little bit as we needed to use the slot for other meetings related to getting the Ubuntu app developer platform in place.

I want to get these meetings back on track, so we are going to do them in the same slot; every Tuesday at 4pm UTC (find your time here) in #ubuntu-community-team on the Freenode IRC network. We would like to welcome you all along!

Everyone is welcome to bring any agenda item to the meeting for discussion! Just show up with a topic and propose it at the beginning of the meeting.

Focusing On LoCo Teams

On Friday last week I had a great call with Randall Ross about how we can grow and empower our LoCo Teams to do fun, productive, and rewarding work, and Randall is interested in helping to coordinate much of this work. I have also asked Daniel Holbach on my team to help coordinate this work with Randall, and in our meeting tomorrow we want to discuss some of the challenges that we think we need to focus on.

I am interested in discussing this topic in the meeting of how we can help our LoCo teams to be successful. Some food for thought:

  • How do we help how LoCo teams can communicate with each other? Today we have loco-contacts but it doesn’t seem to get much traction from the wider range of teams. How can we find a better way for teams to help each other be successful? One thing I would like to explore is using Ask Ubuntu for posting LoCo-related questions and how we can encourage teams to do this.
  • How can we help to showcase the great work going on with teams? Today we recommend people use the #locoteams tag on Twitter/identi.ca, but what other approaches can we take to encourage more LoCo blogging and importantly to share and focus on the great work going on with that blogging? One approach here is to expand and improve loco.ubuntu.com as a place to read about great work going on in the community. What other ideas can we come up with?

Another topic for discussion is the Advocacy Development Kit that I mentioned a little while back, but I am going to follow up with a new post on that so we can have a more focused discussion in the comments.

We hope to see you at the first of our regular meetings tomorrow!

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