Earlier this week I blogged about the Ubuntu Advocacy Development Kit; designed to be a simple, straight-forward kit that includes all the documentation and materials that you need to to join and create LoCo Teams and help spread the word about Ubuntu in your area (whether in a LoCo Team or not). This is part of our goals to help grow the ubiquity of Ubuntu around the world.

Thanks to Daniel Holbach, we now have a daily PPA with the kit inside it so you can now find it easily in the dash:

Access the kit easily on your desktop.

Simply click the icon in the dash and the kit will load into your web browser:

The front page of the kit.

The kit also includes PDF and ePub versions of the documentation so you can read how to advocate and spread the word about Ubuntu on your mobile, tablet, and e-book reader!

You can add the PPA by cutting and pasting this command into a terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-adk-admins/ppa;
sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-adk-en

In the future we plan on making formal releases of the ADK, but for now the daily PPA will automatically show you the most recent content in the kit as it is developed, conveniently accessible from the dash. Please be sure to report bugs.

Tonight I spent some time expanding the content, fixing up the navigation, removing cruft, and adding project logos to the materials section. The kit is starting to take shape. 🙂

Please bear in mind though that the kit is only a few days old, so there is lots to do, and we would welcome anyone who can help! You can find information inside the kit of how to participate by clicking on About.


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