Our LoCo Teams are a wonderful part of the Ubuntu community. They provide a fantastic place for Ubuntu users to meet other users locally and enjoy Ubuntu together either online or in person.

LoCo Teams also often get together to help share Ubuntu with others and encourage local schools, charities, businesses and others to use Ubuntu and Free Software. This includes handing CDs out to local residents, organizing release parties, installfests, global jam events and more.

It is pretty common for members of LoCo teams to have questions about how to organize events and spread the word about Ubuntu in different ways, and we want to provide a fantastic resource where our community can both ask and answer questions.

With the tremendous success of Ask Ubuntu in the wider Ubuntu community, we want to help encourage our LoCo Teams to ask these questions there. Ask Ubuntu provides a fantastic audience, and questions answered there can be edited and up-voted to be re-usable when the same question is asked in the future.

To do this we are using the locoteams tag, and here is how you ask and answer questions…

How To Ask a LoCo Question

Simple go to this link and you will see this:

Here you can ask your question. Some tips:

  • For the Title, be as clear as possible about the overall question.
  • In the body of the question provide all the relevant detail. The more detail the better the answer (but also don’t ramble on too much, keep it focused on the question).
  • Raise the awareness of your question by tweeting it and using the #locoteams hash-tag. Also post it on Facebook and Google+.

How To Answer Questions

We are always looking to our community to help answer as many questions as possible.

To answer questions simple go to this link.

Hopefully all questions should be answered and it should look like this:

If there are questions though, please try to answer them and provide as much detail as possible in your response. Remember that the poster may be very new so try not to presume too much in your response (such as any terms/jargon/acronyms that you may think they may know).

I would like to ask you folks to check this page every day or so to help weigh in in the answers so we can ensure all questions get a good, solid response within a day or so. Thanks in advance for your help!

If In Doubt…

This week I have been blogging about the Ubuntu Advocacy Development Kit which is now available for installation.

To make asking and answering questions simple, you can access these pages right from within the kit on the tool-bar:

Thanks in advance for the questions and answers, and for helping to spread Ubuntu further and further afield across the world!

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