There is some really awesome work going on right now in Ubuntu, and much of it is fixing and resolving issues and bottlenecks that have been an issue in Ubuntu for many years. Not only are we building an awesome convergence platform and cloud orchestration story, but we are re-building much of the core foundations to make these efforts more successful.

One of the challenges we have with all this great work is that even though everything is out in the open, some folks don’t have a crisp summary of the different pieces. So, I am kicking off a blog series that will summarize many of these different efforts as they stand.

My goal is to provide a overall summary of the work (not a huge wall of text) and when we expect it to be completed. I will regularly update this first post with a link to all the articles as I write them, so folks can point people to this post which will link to them all.


The Articles

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