Today I took a short screencast of the winner of the Ubuntu App Showdown, a neat reddit client called Karma Machine.

In the video you can see the app first at the size of a phone as I demonstrate it’s features, and then I re-size it to the size of a desktop app. Karma Machine effortlessly re-sizes and adjusts to make the best use of the space available while exposing the same core functionality…all from the same code-base.

The app was written using the Ubuntu SDK, available from developer.ubuntu.com, which makes writing apps for phones, tablets, and desktops simple, and also demonstrates use of the Ubuntu App Design Guidelines to make the app look and feel very Ubuntu.

Please note: the desktop convergence is not finished yet – we will optimize apps running on desktops soon (e.g. toolbars, scrollbars etc), but this video shows already how usable apps are.

See the video below (or here if you can’t see it below):

We recommend you watch the video full screen

Karma Machine is available now from the Applications scope on the Ubuntu phones images.

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