I am running a fund-raising campaign for WaterAid to provide clean and sanitary water for poorer parts of the world. Dirty water is the source of so many health problems in the world, and I hope I can help a little in the wider cause.

To this end I have written and recorded three acoustic rock songs (and a bonus fourth) that I am making available under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike Licence. I have made the songs available as MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC, and I would like to encourage you to download them and if you like them to please donate to the fund-raiser.

For those of you familiar with my metal music, these are really very different songs; they are acoustic, up-beat songs with clean vocals. I actually wrote these songs five years ago for my wife, so I re-recorded them ready for our five year anniversary and creating a fund-raiser seemed a great way to share the music with others and do some good.

You can download .zip packages of all the music:

* Download ‘Trilogy’ in MP3 format (25MB)
* Download ‘Trilogy’ in Ogg Vorbis format (29MB)
* Download ‘Trilogy’ in FLAC format (275MB)

You can also listen to four songs as MP3s in your browser here:

* Smile
* Wait For Me
* One More Day
* Endless Days

If you like the music please go and donate whatever you can afford!

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