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2nd Oct 2020

For many years I have been a long supporter of the Creative Commons. I believe Free Culture is good for people; it brings enjoyment, encourages sharing, helps creates an archive of material others can use in their own creative endeavours and more.

Over the years pretty much every piece of creative output I have created has been licensed under a Creative Commons license. This includes 72+ songs that I have written and produced (including Severed Fifth, Seraphidian and solo work), 200+ podcast episodes (across Bad Voltage, Lugradio, and Shot Of Jaq, one book (The Art of Community).

A lot of that content has been pretty scattered so I have used my day off today to put it all together into a set of pages where you can find it all. I would encourage you to share, remix, and otherwise enjoy the content throughout these pages. Thanks!

Check out my Creative Commons archive.

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