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Wed 21st Oct 2020 

Speaking Engagements in Tel Aviv in December

Speaking Engagements in Tel Aviv in December

I am excited to share that I will be heading to Tel Aviv later this month to speak at a few events. I wanted to share a few details here, and I hope to see you there! DevOps Days Tel Aviv Dev Ops Days Tel Aviv Tues 18 December 2018 + Wed 19 December 2018 at Tel Aviv...

Start With Art In Indianapolis

Yesterday I took a few days off to fly out to Indianapolis to provide the keynote for the annual Start With Art event run by the Arts Council Of Indianapolis. Many thanks to Dave Lawrence for the kind invitation. The event I spoke at was a luncheon attended by 1000...

Forthcoming CLS/OSCON Schedule

On Friday I will be traveling to Portland, Oregon to run the Community Leadership Summit 2012 this weekend and then join OSCON the following week. While I will be dipping into some sessions and meeting folks at the two events, I also use these events as an opportunity...

Shorter Talks And New Tricks

I had an interesting, fairly personal experience today and a resulting lesson that I wanted to share. Earlier today I gave one of the opening keynotes at OSCON. It was 15 minutes long, and it was OK. While I didn’t consider it a bad talk, it wasn’t what I...

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