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Wed 21st Oct 2020 

Drawing a Wooden Cabinet in a GTK Application

I have a question for you GTK and/or WebKit folks. For Ubuntu Accomplishments we would like to take this: …and make it look more like a wooden trophy cabinet, like this: Currently the icons in the client are displayed using a gtk.IconView, but I am not sure how...

The End Of Shot Of Jaq

Today we published our final Shot Of Jaq. You can listen to it here. Shot Of Jaq was our experiment into whether podcasting could be turned on it’s head a little and instead of being a long show (such as what we did with LugRadio, could be a short, sharp burst...

Weekly Videocast Topics Suggestion Page

As I mentioned last week, I am now doing my At Home With Jono Bacon videocast in a regular weekly slot at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 6pm UTC. In every show I provide a Q+A section but I am keen to cover tutorial topics and overviews of key elements involved in...

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