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Wed 21st Oct 2020 

Blogging, Podcasting, or Video?

Over the course of my career I have been fortune to meet some incredible people and learn some interesting things. These have been both dramatic new approaches to my work and small insights that provide a different lens to look at a problem through. When I learn these...

New Forbes Column: From Piracy to Prosperity

My new Forbes column is published. This article covers how technology has impacted how creatives, artists, and journalists create, distribute, and engage around their work. For it I sat down with Mike Shinoda, co-founder of grammy award winning Linkin Park as well as...

Three Point Blogging; An Experiment

I have an interesting idea I wanted to share that I am calling Three Point Blogging, and I am keen to get your input on this. Feel free to use that daintily prepared comment box, rummaging around at the bottom of this post, to share your feedback and ideas. Blogging...


Shameless self-plug, not too dissimilar from my orange-haired friend: Practical PHP and MySQL has got a great review from Application Development Trends magazine. In summary, the review says “If you want to learn PHP and MySQL and follow along with some useful...

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