Some quickies for you:

  • I bought a Dell M1330. Unfortunately I put in the order a week before the Ubuntu availability was announced, so I did not get an Ubuntu pre-installed one. Not that it mattered, I never even booted Vista – Gutsy was on there quicker than you can say “they drink it in the jungle“. It is an excellent laptop – I went for the Intel graphics one to support the free drivers. Everything works out of the box, apart from Compiz – I had heard of some driver issues with the Intel card, and I am sure this will be fixed soon.
  • I did an interview about Ubuntu for ComputerWorldUK. Go and read it here.
  • More and more speakers for LugRadio Live USA 2008 are confirming – I will announce them in another blog entry.
  • Overkill are playing Bloodstock! This makes me happy – they are one of my fave bands, and I have only ever got a chance to watch them once over in the UK.
  • In a week I head to SCALE and then to San Francisco. In between I will be doing a Google Tech Talk.

More soon…

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