Slightly technical question for my friends on Planet GNOME. I have been hunting around for some help online with no luck, so I figured I would post here and hopefully this blog entry can be a solution for those who have similar questions.

I am in the process of porting App Of Jaq to to async. To do this I am using gio and have the code that downloads XML feeds up and running pretty well, and the app feels much more responsive. Now I need to have the application download an Ogg asynchronously without freezing the GUI.

My code currently looks like this:

def download_latest_shot(self):
    audiourl = "http://....the url to the Ogg file...."

    self.shot_stream = gio.File(audiourl)

It then calls this callback:

def download_latest_shot_complete(self, gdaemonfile, result):
    f = self.shot_stream.read_finish(result).read()

    outputfile = open("/home/jono/Desktop/shot.ogg","w")

Now, I am still pretty new to this, and while this code does work, it freezes the GUI pretty hard. Can anyone recommend some next steps for how I can download the file without it freezing? Some example code would be great. 🙂

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help. 🙂

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