For some time now I have been questioned about why I use Windows (well, now Mac OS X) for recording, and I have always provided a bunch of reasons why I made this decision. To find out more, dig around the LUGRadio community and see the discussions.

Anyway, there was some discussion inside the LUGRadio community about what to do about this. While on IRC one day a chap suggested that the community could possibly club together to develop what he described as JonoEdit – an audio editor that meets my specification and solves many of the problems I had discussed. From all of this discussion it seemed a bunch of other people shared my views in terms of the ease of use of current Open Source multitrackers. As many of you will know, usability is one of my main interests, so ease of use was key to the success of moving to an Open Source platform for creating LUGRadio.

So, a while back I wrote up a design spec for my ideal audio editor. Jason also set up a development site in which the code can be hosted and notes can be made on the wiki. After this, I got busy with other things and didn’t think too much more about it. Well, to my surprise I checked the code out and was presented with this:

It seems that Elleo and Jason have been hacking hard on JonoEdit, and not only are chunks of the interface working but they just implemented the code to record.

I am bowled over by how cool this is. The LUGRadio community have proved to be cool in the past and this is just another shining example. What we need now are more developers to hook in and get involved. If you want a simple to use multi-tracker, know Python and PyGTK and are happy to learn GStreamer, get involved!

There is some discussion about setting up a mailing list at the moment, but at the moment feel free to use the LUGRadio Forums to discuss JonoEdit development.

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