Recently I have noticed how a few people seem to think that Jokosher is my project, and mine alone. I assume the reason for this is that I blog about Jokosher quite a lot, designed much of the GUI, and formed the basis of the project with my posts on the LUGRadio Forums. I want to be utterly clear that Jokosher is not just me, and is not just my project. We have a team of people who contribute in many different aspects of the project, and every single one of them is essential for Jokosher to move forward and progress.

My own main contribution is in UI design and direction, managing the community (getting new people on board, managing releases, maintaining the website, sourcing dev resources etc) and I do chunks of coding (mainly audio) here and there. I want to now highlight the many other people involved and their tremendous contributions:

(in alphabetical order)

  • Oscar Carlstedt – Oscar created instrument icons.
  • Jason Field – Jason wrote much of the original code for Jokosher when it was JonoEdit.
  • John Green – John contributes bug fixes, and fixed up chunks of the VU code.
  • Edward Hervey – Edward maintains GNonlin, and fixed many bugs us, and ate cheese.
  • Tuomas Kuosmanen – Tuomas created our current logo and some dialog box art.
  • Stuart Langridge – Stuart wrote the initial Cairo code and the fadelines code.
  • Alasdair MacLeod – Alasdair maintained the website at the start of the project.
  • Dan Nawara – Dan created art and instrument icons.
  • Andreas Nilsson – Andreas created instrument icons.
  • Laszlo Pandy – Laszlo has done a huge amount of coding in all areas of Jokosher.
  • Jeff Ratliff – Jeff is writing most of the documentation for Jokosher at the moment.
  • Gregory Sheeran – Greg created our very first logo.
  • Michael Sheldon – Michael has coded in many different parts and also hacks on the GStreamer channel splitting element.
  • Ben Thorp – Ben contributed much of the event related code.

So there we have it, Jokosher is more than just me, 14 more people than just me, and the community is always growing. My primary interest in Jokosher is from a design, direction and UI side, and I also like to write code when I get a chance, but without this band of merry men, Jokosher would not be what it is today, and I want to ensure that each of them is credited in the Jokosher story every step of the way. You guys rock! 🙂

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