This has got to be the hardest blog entry I have ever written, as tears stroll down my face. I never ever thought I would need to write this so soon.

Last night our sweet little dachshund Banger passed away. As we got to our friends house for her to look after Banger and Frankie this weekend, Banger started having difficulty breathing. We took him to the emergency vets where it turned out he has a collapsed left lung and twisted stomach. The vet recommended an emergency operation, but said it would be risky. Alas, it was not to be. He passed away last night at around 10pm.

The vet asked if we would allow an autopsy so find out what went wrong – we have no idea what happened, and even more so now I work from home and I sit in the same room as Banger and Frankie all day long. After the autopsy it turns out he had had a diaphragm hernia that was an old injury, possibly from running around, or jumping up and down, like puppies do. The vet said that anything, even something as small as exercise could have triggered the problems last night. It is very rare, and the vets had never seen it in their experience.

I can’t tell you enough how much we love our dogs, they really are members of the family, so right now we are feeling a pain that is unbearable. However, what keeps us going is knowing his short live was filled with happiness and he knew how much we loved him. We went to see him this afternoon, and it was nice to give him a kiss goodbye. This isn’t a goodbye though as we know he is with us now. 🙂

We will always remember the good memories with Banger, and I am sure he is looking over us right now. Take care sweet puppy.

Banger as a puppy

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