Here in the UK, the Ubuntu UK team have been forming nicely. A relatively new group, there is a huge amount of interest in the team to help push, promote and support Ubuntu where possible in the UK. The team live on the ubuntu-uk mailing list and on #ubuntu-uk on irc.freenode.net.

I have been helping the group out recently, partly because its another awesome LoCo team in the making, and partly because I myself live in the UK and I rather selfishly want a great UK LoCo team! As part of my work going on in Ubuntu UK, I managed to organise the team to exhibit at LinuxWorld London on the 25th and 26th October at Olympia 2 in London. The ever-amusing Nik Butler is leading the way in organising the booth, and recently posted about their progress. Nik will be joined by Adam Bagnall, Alan Pope, Alan Helmore-Simpson, Stuart Parkington and Ashley Hooper at the day. They are doing a great job in creating what promises to be a killer Ubuntu UK booth!

I have also organised a Ubuntu UK meet and greet on Day 1 of the event. The aim of the meeting is for the team to get together, flesh out some ideas, get to know each other and make plans for the team. The meet will happen at 2.30pm on Wed 25th October 2006 at the Ubuntu UK booth.

Naturally, the chaps will be blogging, taking photos and reporting on the event, but do try and get down and see them if you can make it!

In other news, the enormously gifted, amusing and slightly wacky Chris “snecklifter” Brown will be leading the way in exhibiting Jokosher at the very same LinuxWorld event in London. With some awesome new features in 0.2 such as effects, extensions and low latency recording, Chris is sure to wow you with his nimble guitar playing skills as he records and wows the world with Jokosher. Chris is looking for people to help run the Jokosher booth, so if you can help, do let him or me know. 🙂

Oh, and I will indeed be at LinuxWorld in London. I am speaking on the Thursday and will also be helping out with the booths and meeting community people. I should then hopefully be along to the awards on the Wednesday evening.

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