You know, I find relaxing difficult. I know it sounds crazy, but I do. My mind is always racing at 1000mph, and I am always buzzing to do something, so it makes lying around on a deckchair difficult at times. This is not a recent thing – I have always been like it, and my dad is exactly the same. But, this year I am forcing myself to relax while on holiday. It has really worked a treat – I am feeling relaxed, chilled-out and ready to rock when I get back on Friday. The timing for this holiday was just right – the last year has been hugely busy, and around September/October time I always need to get away and relax.

Some notes about the trip far:

  • I bought a new acoustic guitar. It is one of these and is awesome. I have been writing some tunes, and I am looking forward to recording. They are quite folky.
  • I have a new love of Peoples Court. I know it is sad, but I don’t care and neither should you.
  • The Jokosher team have been rocking and rolling and rolling and rocking while I have been away. A new developer, Luke Tilley, has joined the crew, and Luke, Laszlo, Jens and Chris have been hacking on all sorts of stuff. The extensions API has got some particular love.
  • The Ubuntu Developer Summit is shaping up nicely.
  • I met up with some Open Source guys a few days ago while over here. Was really cool to hook up with them. That was my full quota of Open Source stuff from Sooz. 😛
  • I have eaten my own wight in honey mustard dressing.
  • Sea World is far cooler than I expected.
  • I love Fox News in all its conservative-loving glory. I don’t watch it for accuracy, and I generally don’t side with its politics, but for amusement, it is top notch. I particularly enjoy watching Bill O’Reilly.
  • I have a physical inability to not dance to AC/DC songs.
  • I suck at driving boats.
  • I suck at driving comedy quad-bicycles.

Right, I am off down the pool. 🙂

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