After some discussion earlier today, the Jokosher team have decided to use Launchpad as our bug tracking system. We have been having some troubles using trac’s ticketing system, and Launchpad has a number of benefits for us:

  • Anyone can register and submit bugs.
  • We can share triaging across a team of developers.
  • The same login account can submit bugs and do translations with Rosetta.
  • Malone is a pretty nice bug tracker – and is an easier screen on the eyes of bug reporters and flexible for developers.
  • Better integration with Ubuntu submitted bug reports – this is quite important as many Jokosher users use Ubuntu.

go and view the Jokosher bugs on Launchpad. Aq is also working to import our trac bugs in if possible.

So report your Jokosher bugs here! If you want to report bugs and don’t know how, read this page. 🙂

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