I figured it is time for a Jokosher update. As many of you will know, I have been at the Ubuntu Developer Summit for the last week at Mountain View, and I am now in San Francisco at our Allhands company summit. Jokosher really rocked at UDS, and lots of people were interesting in our little project.

Since Nov 1st we have been in feature freeze, and we are now working to get all the bugs fixed. Some highlights of our work:

  • On the GStreamer side we have pretty much everything fixed (apart from this bug with LADSPA seeking) and our GStreamer engine is working pretty well.
  • Elleo has been working to get the recording code in shape, and we are hoping that our multi-channel support will be stable in time for 0.2. This means that not only will recording work fine on normal sound cards, but also fancy multi-channel sound cards; an essential requirement for professional audio editing.
  • The volume fading code is pretty solid now, and it feels like a nice intuitive interface for doing volume fades.
  • The extensions API is rocking, and Luke landed the Extension Manager and fixed up a bunch of bugs. Now installing extensions is a piece of cake, and Aq’s awesome Freesound Extension wowed a bunch of people as an example of what our API can do. This is wicked-cool stuff.
  • Jeff has been working to get the docs in shape and is getting them updated for 0.2. Good docs is essential for Jokosher, so this is great to see happening.
  • Aq has been working on a script to automate GStreamer CVS compilation and getting and trying Jokosher. We want to lower the bar to contribution and testing, and he is looking after this. Initial testing of the script seems good. When it is in shape, we will announce it.
  • Icons are coming in thick and fast, and Jokosher is looking ever sweeter every day. Thanks to our awesome art team!

So, bug fixing continues, and you can see our bugs on this Launchpad page. If you find a new bug, do report it. Also, thanks to new contributor Jean-Francois Arseneau who has been doing lots of bug reporting for us. Thanks for your great work Jean-Francois!

Finally, one session at the UDS involved some discussion about Telepathy and Farsight integration into Jokosher with our Network Instruments. We fleshed out some ideas, and I will brew a seperate blog post about this when I get time.

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