Great first day of the Ubuntu Open Week yesterday. My initial smugness about the number of attendees was over-shadowed by the smug-overdrive that I launched into when we had over 340 attendees in some of the classes. Smugr 2.0 beta.

Seriously though, I am really pleased with how many people have come along, and our community has really worked well together to get the week off to a great start. This includes the hosts of the sessions, the IRC ops, and the many people who have helped keep the sessions on track, keep the wiki pages updated and other things. Its great when community works together like this. Thanks also to AusImage for tiding up the IRC logs for each session – we want as many people as possible to get some value out of this week.

I did my own session yesterday which seemed to go down pretty well, and I was asked a stack of great questions. I did not have chance to get through all of them, so do come back on Wednesday at 5pm UTC where I will open the entire session up as a Q+A about the community. For details of how to get there, and the other great sessions see this page. I am also providing a session today at 3pm UTC about becoming an Ubuntu member.

So, #ubuntu-classroom is the place to be, and #ubuntu-classroom-chat is the place to chat about the sessions. Just don’t forget the schedule and rules.

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