Just a quick housekeeping update. I made some changes to jonobacon.org to tidy some things up:

  • Speaking Events – Speaking events are listed much more clearly now, and I have also added my current schedule of events for the first few months of 2007. Its gonna be a busy year, so do keep an eye on that page for updates.
  • Recorded Presentations – I have now re-added a couple of presentations that were recorded and made available in flash format. They are at the bottom of the Speaking page – check out Building the Next Generation Linux Desktop from SCALE in Los Angeles earlier this year and On The Front Line: Convincing People The Inconvincible from Manchester LUG, again earlier this year. Please right click and download them first and then view them in your browser.
  • About – Updated the About page with current information and added a photo that my girlfriend believes actually makes me look rather camp. I think it looks moody and cool, but there you go…

I still have a raft of things that need updating, namely the FAQ, but that’s it for now.

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