A while back I bought a Playstation 3. Well, one thing it does is spit out Full HD, referred to as 1080p by nasally gaming nerds. For a while I was thinking about getting a HD TV, and yesterday I buckled. Big time.

I picked up a Samsung 52″ 1080p LCD monster:


The above snap really does not get over how enormous it is – it really towers over he room. In fact, when I first put it on the TV stand, my dogs cowered in its mighty shadow. I needed to console little Frankie to show him he had nothing to be scared about. Madness.

Buying it was one thing, but getting the bugger back was a whole other thing. Although I wangled free delivery, I wanted mega-telly in my house straight away, so I drove out to the store and with the assistance of two of the store clerks, managed to cram the enormous box into my tiny 4×4 (affectionately referred to as a hairdressers car by my so-called friends). Well, there was not a huge amount of room for both mega-telly and me:

Big telly, tiny car

Driving was an experience. It really was.

The picture quality is stunning and really does make the whole experience much more pleasurable. I really recommend you all consider buying such a beast if you get a HD console such as the PS3.

Oh, and my Playstation Network user id is cptfishhead. Add me if you fancy some online gaming. 🙂

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