(thanks to schwuk for the image and blog post title)

LUGRadio Live USA has been something that has been discussed for the last few years in the LUGRadio community. Some of the American fans have been banging on about it for quite some time, but we have been very protective of doing it as we want to maintain the pretty unique atmosphere of the UK event. Typically barred by not having enough time, we agreed to accept proposals for people to run it, but never had anything that completely won us over. I am not surprised though – we needed confidence on so many levels to even consider it. The last thing we want is the promise of LRLUSA and it not having the same vibe as the UK event.

Well, recently we have been in discussions with a team of people who are exceptionally keen to run LUGRadio Live USA, and will be taking care of the major areas we were concerned about. After some meetings and conference calls, we felt happy with their commitment to the event, and are happy to announce LUGRadio Live 2008 in the USA. It will take place in Silicon Valley in California in March 2008. More news as we get it.

To be completely clear, LUGRadio Live UK will still be happening like normal, and so there will be two events to mark into your calendar. We look forward to bringing LRL to the USA and our American friends. Rock a bollock. 🙂

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