Ladies and Gentleman, a few quickies to shoot out here:

Open Source

  • On Sunday Dec. 16th, Richard Johnson (nixternal) and (hopefully) Mario Limonciello (superm1) will be leading an Ubuntu Packaging Jam to teach the fine art of software packaging. This is your chance to learn how to take code and package it. We want to see more Packaging Jams, so read the guide and let me know if you are running one. 🙂
  • I did an interview with the Linux Magazine podcast about Ubuntu, Open Source and other stuff. Go and listen to it here.
  • LugRadio Live fans, news is coming soon about the LugRadio Live 2008 UK and LugRadio Live 2008 USA events. We are working hard to finalise the decided dates and venues. Rest assured, the next year’s events will kick some mighty arse, like never before.
  • My last day before Christmas is tomorrow, so expect a slower turn-around of email. I get back to the grindstone on the 8th Jan.


As I have discovered interesting music videos on YouTube, I have kept a list. I figured I would share this list, as there are some real gems here:

Rock on Tommy. 🙂

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