Everyone is banging on about the EEEPC, and rightly so; it rocks a big ‘un. On Season 5 Episode 7 of LugRadio we reviewed it and gave it a unanimous thumbs-up. Thankfully, the review model we got from Dale at EfficientPC was not just for review, but to give away in our Pimp My LugRadio competition. So far we have had some excellent entries, and some very amusing, to boot.

The competition is simple – send us a piece of promotional material that we can use when promoting the show. It can be in any medium (e.g. audio, video, poster, article), and it should promote the concept of the LugRadio show, and not any specific season and not LugRadio Live. Examples could include audio and video adverts/promos, posters, dummies guide to LugRadio articles, LugRadio stats, and they should focus on the different aspects of the show – Linux/Open Source, discussions, rants, amusing banter, etc. One important note – we are not looking for people to actually promote the show themselves – writing a blog entry about how cool LugRadio is…is nice and all that…but will not qualify as entry – we are specifically looking for material we can use when promoting the show. 🙂

Another few examples you may want to see are the promo videos we did for LugRadio Live UK 2006 – like I say, the competition isnot for LugRadio Live, but the show in general, but it gives you some ideas:

We have been working to re-license the entire back-catalog (getting on for 100 shows) under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license, and this has mean’t contacting previous presenters and all interviewees to see if they are happy with the license change. So far we have got through about half of the interviewees, and all apart from a few, are happy with the license change – all of the non-interview content with all of the presenters apart from Sparkes is approved for the license change – we just have not heard from Sparkes yet.

So, there is bags of content out there which you can mash-up and play with. Have some fun, and send us your entries to show AT lugradio DOT org, and you could win yourself an EEEPC. 🙂

See the competition page.

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