Work continues apace on the rather excellent Ubuntu Global Bug Jam which takes place from Fri 8th August to Sun 10th August 2008. Put simply, the aim of the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam is for groups around the world to get together, fix Ubuntu bugs and have a great time. πŸ™‚

Right now, we don’t want you to just look at the rather snazzy image above and admire its iconic sub-text. Right now we don’t want you to simply get excited about how much fun you can have with a bug jam. No, no, no…

…right now, all we want is for you to talk to your LoCo Team, your Linux User Group and your friends about organising a bug jam to take part in the wider Ubuntu Global Bug Jam, and joining the legions of Ubuntu fans who will be kicking arse and taking names at the same time around the world. It is a great way to get together, have some fun, fix some bugs (or learn how to fix bugs if you are new to Ubuntu) and just enjoy what we all enjoy about free software – working together.

Chile, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Perú, Chicago, Columbia and Berlin can’t be wrong – they have already organised bug jams – go and read this guide about what is involved and add your team to the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam page.

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