Another two sneak peeks from Denied By Reign building on the three previous days:

Today I want to highlight two rather cool quotes that have come in from some pretty notable people about Severed Fifth. First, I blogged about this yesterday, but Zak Tell from the legendary metal band Clawfinger said:

“Hi Jono, nice idea man & good announcement, it’s probably going to be the only way to do it in the near future unless someone comes up with a genius idea that guarantees artists get paid for the art they create however big or small they may be! You’re definitely on the right track as there’s no stopping the technical evolution, therefore the best thing you can do is use all the available tools to your advantage!”

Second, Mike Linksvayer, VP of the Creative Commons had the following to say about the project:

“The new music economy will be defined by those who push the envelope. Severed Fifth is pushing the envelope and taking names. Thank goodness they’re on our side.”

Thanks Zak and Mike. Also, in related news, Sam Dean from OSTATIC did a write-up of Severed Fifth called More From the Open Source Music Garage. In this he says:

“If Severed Fifth can simply create an enthusiastic community around an album, live performances might attract audiences and grow the community larger, though. It will be interesting to watch this effort”.

In other news, great to see people like earthdragon helping to give away CDs at his/her school and things are kicking off on the Street Team. Go and join the Street Team by clicking here. We certainly need your help – lets make this happen. 🙂

About Severed Fifth

Denied By Reign is released on Oct 21st from www.severedfifth.com and the entire album will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license with expressed aim of seeing how far an independent musician such as myself can push and promote an album under the new music economy of free culture. My aims are to help answer some of the questions that are unknown about the viability of a free culture music economy. For more details on the aims of the project, see the announcement.

Severed Fifth needs your help to be successful! Go and join our Discussion Forums and join the Street Team. We will need your help when the album is released to push it as far and wide as possible and just see how much juice we can squeeze out of a free culture album. If you have contacts in the music press, or you know established artists who may be interested in hearing it, do get in touch with me. I am preparing a press pack for the album which we can all send out when the album is released. Oh, and for you Facebook fanatics – go and join the Severed Fifth Facebook Group.

I just want to thank everyone for their support of the album and the project. Thanks also to the Creative Commons for their continued support. 🙂

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