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2nd Oct 2020

I am going to keep this fairly short as today has been a super-hectic day. Well, today Ubuntu 8.10 hit the tubes, and it is a proud moment for everyone in the Ubuntu community. A lot of people have mut a lot of hard work into every facet of the distribution, from writing the upstream applications, to packaging them, writing documentation, translating, spreading the word, testing and so much more. Thanks to everyone involved for everything you have done to bring Inrepid to the world.

Soon we will be kicking off development of Jaunty and much of this will be starting at our Ubuntu Developer Summit from Monday 8th – Friday 12th December 2008 in Mountain View, California. I hope to see a bunch of you there.

In the meantime, tonight Tom Haddon and I are getting together for a few pints at The Thirsty Bear in San Francisco at about 7.30pm to celebrate the release. Why not come along and join us?

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