gnomedesktop.org recently did an interview with the legendary Laszlo Pandy who is one of the two lead developers of Jokosher. It is a great read. Go Laszlo!

Jokosher has made some insanely great progress in recent months – it is solid, stable, and multi-channel recording is largely complete. I am hugely proud of everything Jokosher has achieved, and hugely proud of the continued efforts from the folks still involved (I am not so involved anymore in the project due to other commitments).

This, combined with the rocking efforts of Edward and co with PiTiVi are helping desktop multimedia production be an area in which a rocket science degree is no longer required. We should thank the unsung heroes of the GStreamer world for making much of this happen.

I still remember fondly how I felt at GUADEC in Spain at the Fluendo beach party, and after Johan’s hi-jinx, I ended up with Wim Tayman’s badge. Becoming Wim Taymans for an evening is like being touched by god…

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