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2nd Oct 2020

I am pleased to announce that James Westby is the new Featured Contributor on the Ubuntu Hall Of Fame.

We already knew that James rocked the house with his Ubuntu work, but the new Nominate somebody! feature in the Hall Of Fame generated a number of requests for James. So, it seemed only right that DJ Westby got the first prestigious Featured Contributor slot of 2009. Congrats James!

Make sure you all head over to the Hall Of Fame and click on the Thank James button!

We want to know which contributors you think are rocking the (K)(X)(N)(U)(Flux)buntu(Studio) (etc.) landscape. Its easy:

  • Go to the Hall Of Fame website.
  • Click the Nominate somebody! link.
  • Enter the URL of the person’s Launchpad profile and a few notes on why they should be a Featured Contributor.


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