Next weekend is the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam!

This is the regular event in each release cycle in which LoCo teams from around the world get together to work on Ubuntu bugs: reporting, triaging, fixing and otherwise rocking Ubuntu. So far we really have an excellent global representation, with teams from all of the USA, South Africa, Japan, Denmark, UK, France, Germany and Ireland taking part. Right now we have 25 teams, but I would love to increase this to a big round 30. To do this, only you folks can help us achieve this. 🙂

Ubuntu California global bug jamming

If you are part of an Ubuntu LoCo Team, Linux User Group or other type of group, this is a great chance to get together with your members, help improve Ubuntu and have a big ‘ol pile of fun.

Getting involved is simple. Simply read this guide to running an Ubuntu Global Bug Jam event and ensure you add your event to the big list of participating teams. Don’t worry too much about organizing a huge and overly complex or refined event: a collection of Ubuntu-loving friends armed with laptops in a pub, restaurant, university room or someone’s house is all that is needed. 🙂

Ubuntu California jamming after the jam.

I will be blogging more about the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam later in the week. I really hope to see some more of our friends in the Ubuntu community coming together to organise events. I myself will be over in Los Angeles at SCALE and taking part in the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam event there. Rock and roll. 🙂

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