Working like an animal right now, hence little in the way of blogging. I am microblogging where I can though on my Twitter and my identi.ca feeds (using the excellent Gwibber).

Some real quick links before I get back to the grind-stone:

  • I recently did two interviews, one with OSTATIC and one with LinuxQuestions.
  • Now is the time to start getting your Jaunty Release Party organized! See the current list of parties here and find out how to organize your own here!
  • UDS Sponsorship results will be forthcoming over the next week or so.
  • I will be participating in a panel at the Linux Collaboration Summit from the 8th – 10th April.

And quick thoughts:

  • Snow-mobiling is incredible fun. Tahoe is beautiful.
  • I am back in England and in London from the 19th – 25th April. Fancy meeting up?
  • Jaunty is rocking. Upgrade and report bugs!
  • Brainstorm report to focus ideas around Karmic is coming. Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase results are coming!

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